中考英语丨句子翻译专题训练第一中学:73.小时候怙恃不允许我熬夜到很晚。I _____________________ by my parents when I was a child.74. 你能告诉我昨天他是否缺席了班会课?Could you tell me _____________yesterday?75. 学生们正凭据老师给出的建议在认真温习作业。

The students are ____________________the teachers’ advice.76. 虽然屠呦呦已经取得了很大的成就,但她从不炫耀。Although Tu Youyou___________________, she never ________________.77.直到你把大量的时间花在作业上了,你才会取得一些进步。You ______________________________ on your lessons.78.Daniel和他的同学都不知道如何对自己严格要求。

Neithe_________________ themselves.73. I was not allowed to stay up late by my parents when I was a child.74. Could you tell me if/whether he was absent from the class meeting yesterday?75. The students are going over (their) lessons carefully according to the teachers’ advice.76. Although Tu Youyou has made great achievements, she never shows off.77. You won’t make any progress until you spend a great deal of time on your lessons78. Neither Daniel nor his classmates know how to be strict with themselves. 清潭中学:74. 他的搭档别无选择只能允诺故演讲。His partner ______________________.75. 令我惊讶的是,Alex乐成地把电脑和手机毗连了。___________,Alex_________the computer_____________the mobile phone.76. 在保持所有工具井然有序方面他有什么难题吗?What__________________________ ?77. 我怀疑她是否注意到了我的语法.I doubted____________________or not.78. 如果你能想出好主意来解决这个问题,你就会处于领先职位。

If you can ___________________________this problem, you__________________________.79. 我姐姐不仅给我提供了名贵的建议,而且使我振作起来了。My sister____________________________.74. His partner had no choice but to promise to make a speech.75. To my surprise , Alex succeeded in connecting the computer to the mobile phone.76. What difficulty he had keeping all the things in good order?77. I doubted whether she took notice of my grammar or not.78. If you can come up with good ideas to solve this problem, you will take the lead.79. My sister not only offered me valuable advice but also cheered me up. 天宁区24中:72. 他建议我们接受新挑战并三思而行。

He advised ________________________before taking action.73. 其时他的怙恃亲别无措施,只能答应资助他。His parents _________________________help him at that time.74. 我怙恃亲不允许我熬夜和朋侪谈天。I _______________________chat with friends by my parents.75. 他在每件事情上都对自己如此严格,以致经常感应筋疲力尽。

He is___________________________that he always_______________________________.76. 有些孩子既不到场体育运动,又不注意康健饮食。Some children _________________healthily.77. 雨停了他们才开始讨论如那边理这个问题。They ___________________________until the rain stopped.1. us to take on new challenges and think twice2. had no choice but to promise to3. am not allowed to stay up (late) to4. so strict with himself in everything feels tired out5. neither play sports nor pay attention to eating6. didn't start to discuss how to deal with the problem 金坛市后阳中学:73.出生在虎年的人宁肯接受挑战也不愿轻易放弃。

People born in the Year of the Tiger would _______________________________________.74. 晚饭后散步会让你更容易入睡。Walking after supper will _____________________________ .75. 去年,布朗一家被迫搬到了另一座都会。

The Browns __________________ last year.76. 我不知道她加入舞蹈俱乐部多久了。I don’t know__________________________ the Dancing Club.77. 使我们感应惊讶的是,这位新作家的书值得一读。_______________________________________.78.由于台风艾利,这些游客别无选择只好改变主意。The visitors had no choice _______________ Typhoon Aere.73. People born in the Year of the Tiger would rather take on challenges than give up easily74. Walking after supper will make it easier for you to fall asleep.75. The Browns were forced to move to another city last year.76. I don’t know how long she has been in/ how long she has been a member of the Dancing club.77. To our surprise, the new writer’s book is worth reading.78. The visitors had no choice but to change their mind because of Typhoon Aere. 实验中学:73. David对自己足够严格,才气在班里领先。

David _____________________ in his class.74. 那位外科医生一得知这个消息就会改变主意。The surgeon _____________________the news.75. 令我们受惊的是,这位向导者处置惩罚信任问题并没费什么劲。__________________, ________________ the trust problem.76. 史女士一家上周一直在到场那部新影戏的试演吗?________ the Smiths _____________last week?77. 不仅西蒙的老师另有他的家长已经乐成地注意到了他的问题。________Simon's teacher _______ his parents _________________ of his problem.78. 凭据新闻报导所说,不久这个镇将由地铁与市中心相连。

The town _____________ the news report.73. David is strict enough with himself to take the lead in his class. / David is so strict with himself that he takes the lead in his class.74. The surgeon will change his mind as soon as he knows the news.75. To our surprise, the leader had no / little / didn’t have any difficulty (in) solving /dealing with the trust problem.76. Were the Smiths trying out for the new film last week?77. Not only Simon’s teacher but also his parentshave succeeded in taking notice / have successfully taken notice of his problem.78. The town will be connected to / with the city centre by the underground soon according to the news report. 正衡中学:72.我们俩都不确定熬夜这么晚是否值得。____________________________ so late.73. 关于这件事,我要再三思量才气给你回复。I won’t __________________________.74. 这位运发动曾经在平衡训练和学业上遇到何等大的难题啊!___________________________________ between his training and the school work!75. 因为康健问题,他被迫竣事了自己的篮球生涯。

He ________________________________.76. 令我们惊讶的是,他通过努力乐成地从那所大学结业了。___________, he _______graduating _____.77. 昨天,比起向他寻求建议,我更喜欢独立处置惩罚这个事故。

I __________ yesterday.72. Neither of us is sure whether it is worth staying up73. reply to you until I think twice about it74. What great difficulty the player once had achieving a balance75. was forced to end his basketball career because of health problems76. To our surprising; succeeded in; from the university through hard work77. preferred dealing with the accident by myself to asking him for adcvice河海中学:73. Sandy晚上习惯于开着灯睡觉,因为她怕黑暗.Sandy _____________ because she is afraid of darkness.74.这首歌是是如此好听,值得我们听许多遍。The song is so nice that it’s worth for us ( ) .75.由于身体的原因他被迫戒烟了。He ( ) because of his poor health.76. 你知道他加入足球俱乐部多久了?Do you know ( ) the Football Club?77. 屠呦呦已经把所有的空余时间都花在从植物中提取青蒿素了。

TuYouyou ( ) Artemisinin from plants.78.我的车子坏了,所以我别无选择只能步行上班。My car was broken, so I ( ).73. is used to sleeping with the light on 74. listening to many times75. was forced to give up smoking76. how long he has been in/ how long he has been a member of77. has devoted all her free/spare time to getting78. had no choice but to walk to work/ go to work on foot北环中学:54. 我希望你能满足我的进步。I hope you ( ) .55. 凌驾一半的学生已经意识到训练说英语的重要性。

Over half of the students ( ) .56. 这本书会译成几多种语呢?How many ( ) ?57. 把钱孝敬给教育是何等有意义啊!How meaningful ( ) !58. 机械人会使我们执行危险任务变得更()Robots will ( ) .59. 情况污染太严重以至于我们不得不用围巾遮住脸。The ( ) we ( ) .54: I hope you will be satisfied with my progress. 55: Over half of the students have realized the importance of practicing speaking English.56: How many languages will this book be translated / put into?57: How meaningful it is to give / donate all the money to the education!58: Robots will make it easier for us to carry out dangerous tasks.59: The environment was so serious that we had to cover our faces with scarves. 声明:整理自网络!。